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We aim to provide customers with the finest quality products at a reasonable price..not too cheap, and not outrageously expensive. In other words..affordable premium quality.

Our current line of products includes our own Vitrius Cables brand of premium quality XLR microphone and patch cables. These are aimed primarily at the Pro Audio market, though they also fill a need in the pro-sumer market as well, where affordability and reliability are of paramount importance.

Vitrius is a re-spelling of the word vitreous, which means clear and transparent. Qualities that are of prime musical importance when passing your musical signals through these high performance microphone cables.

While you can certainly buy any microphone cable from your local music store or online seller, you can't really be sure that you're going to get something that's consistently reliable. After all, you don't want your mic cable cutting out at the worst possible moment, do you?

This is what makes Vitrius Cables different. Webnichol Enterprises is a small company that is dedicated to manufacturing these mic cables to a very high standard of quality, and yet, they can still be made affordable to the working musician or engineer.

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3ft patch cable 6ft patch cable 10ft mic cable 15ft mic cable 20ft mic cable 25ft mic cable 50ft mic cable

For more info on Vitrius Cables, visit our brand website: www.vitriuscables.com


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