About Webnichol Enterprises

Webnichol Enterprises is a small, internet-based company, doing business from Lindsay, Ontario Canada.

It is owned and operated by Tim Nichol.

Webnichol Enterprises started business in early 2014, operating primarily through affiliate marketing channels. In 2014, a decision was made to begin selling private labelled products, initially through Amazon.

Private labelling allows us to produce our own branded products, rather than relying only on selling other people's products.

Our first foray into this market was a line of XLR microphone cables, under the brand name Cool Cables. These were selling fairly well until late 2015, when it was discovered that some interlopers who didn't bother to check, appropriated the name Cool Cables. It also came to our attention that a related product with a very similar name had entered the market (though not selling on Amazon).

It was at this point that we decided to change the name from Cool Cables to Vitrius Cables. This, after a market survey indicated that our target audience (largely pro audio, male) was not especially 'cool' on the name Cool Cables. The survey indicated that Vitrius was the preferred brand name and spelling, among several choices.

So..Vitrius Cables carries on, right where Cool Cables left off, with the same high performance XLR microphone cables, as well as maintaining the superior reliability..not to mention the excellent customer support.

We will be expanding our line of cables later in 2017.


For more info on Vitrius Cables, visit our brand website: www.vitriuscables.com

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